The 2nd Session of the Webinar meeting called “The Essence of the Word” was held.

The general managers of Folkart, Humanis Pharmaceuticals, Volt Motor, Volt Teknoloji and Promete companies, as well as approximately 2000 Saya Group employees, came together at Folkart Gallery.

The 2nd webinar meeting held to bring Saya Group employees together was held! Volt Teknoloji general manager Burçin Elbirlik and the general managers of Folkart, Humanis Pharmaceuticals, Volt Motor and Promote attended the meeting and shared their knowledge and opinions about their future goals with their employees.

Volt Technology general manager Burçin Elbirlik mentioned that projects that will contribute greatly to the country’s economy in the field of  technology have been undertaken.

Another important topic of the meeting was the continuation of production during the pandemic period in order to contribute to the country’s economy. The general managers of Saya Group companies thanked their employees for their sacrifices during this difficult and sensitive period.