Volt Technology


Volt Technology technologies, together with the importance of technology, was established in 2018 as a company with its unique capabilities and advanced technology, electric-driven vehicles, electric rail traction systems, servo motors for high applications, applications of slotless motors for high and medical applications.

Volt Technology; the continuous development and sustainability of electric motors and drives, power and power transfer systems, electromechanical propulsion systems are ensured in a way that meets the R&D phase from the integrated logistics support process.

Volt Technology; has high-tech electrical, electronic, mechanical designs, analytical modeling and prototyping, and mass production capabilities. In addition to this, it also performs automatic mass production band installation, test systems design and production, machine, mold, apparatus design, and production.

With our experienced staff and technological workbenches in our facility established in a closed area of 45.000 square meters; Machining, Coiling, Assembly, Lamination, Metal Injection, Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing, Cabling, Wire Erosion, and Painting processes are carried out.

Volt Technology works with all its strength to bring the systems developed by producing new technologies to the global market in order to become one of the leading companies in the field of industrial technology systems.



To be a leading national and international technology company in the field of technology by developing original, accurate, reliable and assertive products with the product and innovation it develops.


Protecting the future by developing unique and innovative technologies.

Volt Technology




  • ‘Ethical values’ in our business processes are at the forefront of everything.                  
  • Honesty, transparency, and fairness lay as our foundation.
  • Our reputation is the greatest treasure of ours. We protect it carefully.
  • We build relationships based on trust and keep our promises.
  • ‘Hard work, ‘modesty’, ‘austerity’ and ‘discipline’ are essential for success.
Being Useful

Being Useful

  • We benefit society and all our stakeholders and create value in our business.
  • We meet the expectations of our stakeholders in proportion to the right needs.
  • We focus on a better future; we act responsibly towards the environment and society with the approach of “How Lucky is to be the Cure”.
  • With the principle of corporate citizenship, we produce corporate social responsibility projects, primarily in the fields of “health, culture, art, and education”
Global Competition

Global Competition

  • Our understanding of competition that respects people and nature is sustainable and global.
  • We develop our business most effectively within the ‘cost, quality, time’ trio.
  • Our business steps lead the change in the sectors we are a part of and are open to innovative ideas; we boldly support new entrepreneurial actions.
  • Universal clarity and simplicity; dominate our information flow and practices.
  • Our quality bar is at the top of national and international standards.
  • Concluding our work as quickly as possible; is the fundamental way of doing business of ours. We have ‘business agility in a flexible structure and decision processes.
Value for Human, Merit

Value for Human, Merit

  • ‘Human is the most important value. Our relationship with our ‘fellow travelers’ is based on ‘trust, love, respect’; their existence and effort are invaluable.
  • Working with competent, honest, and right people is our basic principle and it is part of our job to continuously improve their professional experience.
  • In our work and human-oriented decisions; ‘merit, respect for differences, justice’ are determinants. We ensure that this adheres to principles, not individuals. The satisfaction of our employees is very important. Thus, we act accordingly.



As VOLT TECHNOLOGY, our Quality Policy is;