Social Responsibility

People and institutions have some responsibilities in their societies. In societies where responsibilities are not fulfilled in the family, social environment, school, work, and common areas; some phenomena such as confusion, injustice, injustice, poverty, and ignorance arise. Social unrest is triggered by the increase of these bad cases. Engaging in voluntary activities in order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of such phenomena in society has given birth to the concept of "Social Responsibility". Social responsibility is to carry out voluntary activities by feeling responsible to the society, without any expectation from the other party, by acting in accordance with the values, norms, customs and traditions of the society, the laws and rules of the country, religious feelings, and the subtleties of human values.

Individuals with an understanding of Social Responsibility are people who are useful to people without expecting anything in return, and are happy with their happiness, who are suitable for the “beautiful person” model, and societies have found peace, happiness, health and value with the works and works of these people. This is also true for companies. Companies that feed on the resources of the society and create value for the same society are also obliged to fulfill their responsibilities towards the society in which they live.

Summarizing such an understanding of social responsibility; “The best of you is the most beneficial.” SAYA Group, which set out with the principle of family and company values, has contributed to the solidarity, unity and solidarity culture of our country until August 2014, both through the Sancaklar Foundation and directly as SAYA Group, Group Companies and Sancak Family. It will continue to be found.

For this purpose, our group;

It has determined its work on such issues and focused on increasing the benefit it can provide on these issues.