SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair

SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair, on the other hand, will be held online between 09 November 2020 – 09 April 2021 with more than 300 participants, the first week of which will be open to mutual video conferences. SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair will be a fair where thousands of industry professionals from Turkey and different countries of the world meet.

At SAHA EXPO Virtual Fair, companies and government representatives from North and South America, Europe, Middle East, North, and Continent Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and many other countries will take part in B2B/B2G meetings. Participants will be able to introduce their newest products, systems, and designs, and establish international collaborations through video conferences with domestic and international procurement committees. The Virtual Fair will continue to be open to visits and B2B/B2G appointment meetings between companies and delegations for 5 months.