Celebrating Women’s Day in Our Company

The basis of International Women’s Day, whose real name is International Working Women’s Day and celebrated all over the world on 8 March every year, actually lies in human rights. In 1857, the workers of a weaving factory in New York rose up to get better working conditions. 129 women workers died in the fire that broke out during the uprising and the movement to stop the uprising. At the International Women’s Conference held in 1921, this day was determined as “International Working Women’s Day”. In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly agreed to commemorate this day as “International Women’s Day” in 1977.

As Volt Technology Family, we came together to remember the deep meaning of this day once again, to commemorate the working women who died fighting for their rights, and to be proud once again of the achievements of our women working within our family. We celebrate the International Working Women’s Day of all women and wish them all success.